Retro Laminates

Choose from matte and gloss retro laminates including Boomerang, Cracked Ice laminates, and more. Perfect for any kitchen.

Retro Vinyl

Choose from over 5 differen't retro vinyl styles including Seabrook, Naugahyde, Patriot Plus, and our popular Cracked Ice Vinyl collection.

Metal Banding

Our Metal Banding and Table Edging look amazing on your countertop or table.

Retro Stools

Retro Stools and Retro Bar Stools are a great addition to any 1950s themed area.

Retro Chairs

Our Retro chairs are both comfortable and stylish. You'll think you're back in the 50's.

Retro Booths

Customers love our Retro booths that are perfect for home or business.

Retro Murals

Don't forget your walls when restyling your home. Our Retro murals are custom sized and high quality.

Retro Jukeboxes

Turn up the beat with your very own Retro Jukebox including our Harley Davison series.

Retro Gas Pumps

These Retro gas pumps really wow visitors when they visit your garage, shop or business.

Retro Coca Cola

Perfect for any Coca-Cola fan. Choose from our Coca Cola Chairs, Booths, Tables, Stools and more.


Roxberry's mission is to provide their customers with the best quality Smoothies, Healthy Bowls and Fresh Pressed Juices available. They contacted Heffron's to supply their BGA 225 table tops, 921 Retro Chairs, and 215-125-RB Retro Stools in Grade 5 Polaris Cosmic Purple. All seen in the photos provided.

Roxberry Juice
Spanish Fork, UT

Hi Danielle - Here are a couple of pictures of my kitchen with your banding. I shared them on the Mid Century Modern Kitsch Facebook page and everyone went nuts for them!

L. Royer
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

This photo features the E-625-BD Metal Banding from and a great looking kitchen.

B. Portschy
Vancouver, WA

Very happy with my table and chairs. They are perfect. Here is a photo of it styled for Xmas.

C. Costa
Brabham, Australia

I received the backsplash and installed it last week. Thanks for your assistance in this process. We appreciate your help! (Also featured in the photos, our E-88-BD Metal Banding)

C. Burns
Pleasant Valley, CA

The Joint offers a new twist on the old 50s-style diner. They provide a modern flair and an updated menu that respects the past but gives the new kids a chance to shine. You'll fall in love with the environment way before you get to the food.

The Joint
Mount Vernon, Ohio

The Chatham Filling Station is known for serving some of the best breakfast in Chatham, MA. In fact the Cape Code Times called their “filling station sandwich” phenomenal. Inside they have a variety of retro items that you can find at A Moment in Time

Chatham Filing Station
Chatham, MA

Town Square is a one-of-a-kind experience featuring a unique indoor, interactive simulated urban enviroment utilizing reminiscence therapy. Located in California, the George G. Glenner Alzheimer's Family Center contacted us for a variety of items from Malibu booths, PB-PS chairs, BGA 125 table tops and more.

Glenner Town Square
Chula Vista, CA

Heffron's workmanship is flawless. I ordered a custom-made booth, table and retro diner chairs. I was initially concerned both about quality and shipping, since I didn't want my product damaged as it traveled from New York to California.

When my diner set arrived, it was packaged like a gift. It was well-protected yet easy to unwrap. (Sometimes products are so over packaged that you damage them getting them out of the packaging.)

At the unveiling, I reviewed my product from top to bottom and every inch was of the highest quality. This was the kind of workmanship from my grandparents' day. Heffron obviously takes the time to treat each customer like she is the most important.

I purchased this for my home because I wanted my kitchen to be Route 66 themed. I was concerned that because I purchased just one diner set, it wouldn't have the same commercial quality as if I had spent money on outfitting an entire diner. I was wrong. Every person who comes to my house gasps with glee and jealousy at my Heffron diner set. Everyone wants to eat in now. Thank goodness for delivery because I never planned on all of this cooking.

N. Eckert
Temple City, CA

Received the stools and they are great. Very good workmanship and quality. Will most definitely recommend Heffrons to friends and family. Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

J. Blum
Newport, North Carolina

Featured in this photo includes BGA 225 Tabletops in White matte finish. Along with 921 HBMBSH Retro Chairs in a mix of Flame and chalk insert/piping.

S. Tejada
Indianapolis, IN