Retro Laminates

Choose from matte and gloss retro laminates including Boomerang, Cracked Ice laminates, and more. Perfect for any kitchen.

Retro Vinyl

Choose from over 5 differen't retro vinyl styles including Seabrook, Naugahyde, Patriot Plus, and our popular Cracked Ice Vinyl collection.

Metal Banding

Our Metal Banding and Table Edging look amazing on your countertop or table.

Retro Stools

Retro Stools and Retro Bar Stools are a great addition to any 1950s themed area.

Retro Chairs

Our Retro chairs are both comfortable and stylish. You'll think you're back in the 50's.

Retro Booths

Customers love our Retro booths that are perfect for home or business.

Retro Murals

Don't forget your walls when restyling your home. Our Retro murals are custom sized and high quality.

Retro Jukeboxes

Turn up the beat with your very own Retro Jukebox including our Harley Davison series.

Retro Gas Pumps

These Retro gas pumps really wow visitors when they visit your garage, shop or business.

Retro Coca Cola

Perfect for any Coca-Cola fan. Choose from our Coca Cola Chairs, Booths, Tables, Stools and more.


One of our customers were featured in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly with their 1950s designed kitchen. The magazine was quoted as saying: "You can step back in time without sacrificing all of today's conveniences as many materials, accessories and appliances come in retro designs.

Luscombe (400-49NS Stools)
South Australia

Tom was extremly pleased with his Retro Order. He purchased Gray Cracked Ice Vinyl and Laminate from us and couldn't be more excited to show off his pictures to use. Check them out below!

Tom Debaie
Nova Scotia, Canada

Look what we've finally got our hands on, thanks to our proud distributor A Moment In Time Retro Design -, over in the USA. We are selling these beautiful booths and stools to all of those who want a taste of their own retro experience! Great to have in cafe's, diners, and even man caves!

Barossa Old Garage

Here are a few photos of our new "retro" table. The Formica is Butterscotch Boomerang and the aluminum edge was ordered from you. It took quite awhile to get the job done but we are sure enjoying it now. Thanks Very Much.

Rod Goosman
Ellensburg, WA

Our original plan was to rent the retro party trailer last year for our daughter’s graduation party. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the trailer was not ready in time for the party. Heffron’s graciously offered to allow us to use the trailer, free of charge, at a later date due to the delay in production. I believe that Heffron’s went above and beyond in their offer and their customer service is second to none. We decided to use the trailer for my husband’s birthday party. Normally, the trailer is delivered in the morning but due to the fact that the party was a surprise, Heffron’s was very accommodating in delivering the trailer in the late afternoon in hopes of not giving the secret away! The trailer was a big hit. Especially since it was one of the hottest days in the spring and the trailer was the “coolest” place in the back yard. Gary, his father and Tammy were truly a pleasure to work with. They even checked in to see how the surprise went and that the party was a success. Thank you Hefforn’s. We will definitely spread the word and look forward to doing business again in the future.

New York Ski Racing Association

Here are some pictures of our kitchen. The table, chairs, laminate and banding came from your place. We couldn't have done it without the great service and customer support you gave us. Thanks so much for making our dream kitchen a reality.

Lake Charles, LA

We don’t often get a request for specialty custom countertops, but in December 2011 we had a Lowe’s customer in search of a countertop that would appeal to his taste for all things Coca Cola. Heffron’s Contracting came through with quick service and reasonable price to satisfy my customer’s customer; in this business that’s the name of the game.

Donna K
All Points Countertop, Inc. VA

A great set of photos from Jannine & Mark, the owners of Barossa Retro Bed and Breakfast. They hope to be up and running soon and shared some photos of their progress. Their Retro stools came right from A Moment in Time Retro Design. Great Job!

Jannine & Mark
South Australia

My family and I love creating memories at Crimson Ridge Gardens. We especially love the diner! We have spent many days and evenings there – it is a place that feels familiar to our Mother. It reminders her of a diner that was in her hometown that she frequented, she often went there with our Father. She holds the memory of that diner close and the diner at Crimson Ridge Gardens is a wonderful reminder of that special place. Thank you.

Crimson Ridge Gardens

Here at Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations we are very happy with the Heffrons products, customer service, quick turn around times, and the over all look that the custom items Heffrons ofer for our Vintage Trailer Restorations. There are very few companies that we publically endorse, but Heffrons is one of those few companies!

Tim Heintz
CEO Panama City, FL

Here are some pictures of the bar stools in the man cave. It's called LOST IN THE 50's. It's a work in progress, thanks to you it's even closer to becoming finished. Thanks again.

D. Lunt

Brian from Trickett Woodworks purchased Red Glacier Laminate and Metal Banding. When speaking with him about his experience Brian claimed his products were "All Good" and when asked about his overall thoughts on the product and using it towards his projects in mind; Brian proclaimed it was "The best experience of my life".

Trickett Woodworks
New Hampshire

I wanted to let you know that I received my laminateand IT'S PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much for making this purchase astress-free experience! I really appreciate it!! I can't wait to replacemy old countertop in my vintage camper with this beautiful laminate. It'sgoing to look amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

S. Cormican
Denver, Colorado