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Choose from matte and gloss retro laminates including Boomerang, Cracked Ice laminates, and more. Perfect for any kitchen.

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Choose from over 5 differen't retro vinyl styles including Seabrook, Naugahyde, Patriot Plus, and our popular Cracked Ice Vinyl collection.

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Turn up the beat with your very own Retro Jukebox including our Harley Davison series.

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Retro Jukebox: Rock-Ola Wallette

These diner-style, counter-top beauties are sure to be a hit. Play all your favorite tunes from anywhere there's a Rock-Ola "Wallette" selector!

Additional features include:

Real Chrome-plated, die-cast metal cabinet
Lighted Plastic pilaster
Lighted Selector Buttons
Integrated Stereo Speakers
Holds 50 or 100 title cards

Connects to any Rock-Ola SyberSonic Jukebox

*Note* Wallette's are a speaker component. They need to be connected to jukebox. Does not work seperatly.

Available in Red, Yellow and Harley-Davidson orange.

14" H x 18" W x 7" D


Jukebox: $1,001.70 / $1,127.70