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Gas Pumps Now And Than

Ever since A Moment in Time Retro Design started selling gas pumps on our website, we have seen a growing number of requests for not only typical gas pumps but also custom made gas pumps that feature their logo or design. So what makes gasoline pumps such a wanted collectable? Some suggest the color, the brand, the era, or all of the above. Since gas pumps are so unique in style, the real answer is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The gasoline pump has evolved over the years. Like with anything, knowing your history is important. Someone selling a gas pump that’s been in their family for a while may want to know more about the era. Likewise, someone looking to purchase their first gas pump as a collector’s piece or to start a hobby might want to know about the history that they are investing in. Luckily we are here to help.

The Early Years

In 1885 the first kerosene pump was manufactured by Sylvanus Bowser of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most people during that time were not fortunate enough to afford a horseless carriage, so the device was used more for a customer’s metal can that could be brought home to fuel stoves and lighting fixtures. As time went on though, the idea of pumps being used for automobiles began to grow. Bowser added a hose to his pump and eventually a nozzle. Store clerks would count the number of crank pumps made with the handle to figure out how many gallons had been given to the customer. The clerk would also look down the hole to see the height of the gas level so that they would know when the tank was full. As you can see neither method was particularly liked by stores and something needed to change.

The Beginning of Change

Moving forward twenty years, a clock face would be added to gas pumps being manufactured. It was a step in the right direction as the clock face would measure the amount of gasoline being pumped. The demand for an even more precise way to measure gas would eventually lead to the design of the visible gas pump. Some visible pumps could stand upwards to 10ft tall. Almost like a science beaker, the cylinders were marked by gallon.

FUN FACT: Did you know how a gas pump knows when your tank is full? It's because of a tube that runs back up into the fuel pump handle. As gas flows through the nozzle, a vacuum pressure causes air to be sucked up. Once the tank is full, the flow of air stops and the vacuum pressure begins to build. In the nozzle handle the pressure builds until it forces a lever that pops the handle trigger, shutting off the flow of gasoline.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Gas pumps and gas stations were now a thing. As time went on the colors and designs of gas pumps began to grow. The addition of globes helped to brighten the station during the night hours and also to help advertise the gasoline’s manufacturer. Gasoline pumps would also begin getting smaller in size. The visible pumps would shrink and as more vehicles were on the road, stations would eventually be forced to store the gasoline underground. Luckily by the 1930’s customer confidence in the gas pump retailer would be very high. Customers trusted that they were receiving the correct number of gallons for what they were paying and also that the gas they were receiving was up to standards. The introduction of electric pumps would eventually give the ultimate precession of measurement and eliminate the cylinder all together.

Wrapping Up

Gas pumps have evolved a lot of the years and that's why all of our gas pumps are hand crafted, custom reproductions to fit your needs. Each pump is full sized and built right here in the USA. Unlike gas pumps built years ago, our gas pumps provide a lot of great features that make them perfect for any den, garage, shop, or business. Features such as flat screen TV's, display shelves, iPads, and did we mention beer taps? All can be added to your retro gas pump to make it just how you want it.

So for all of your gas pumps visit A Moment in Time Retro design today or give our office a call. We look forward to hearing from you.