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Booth Upholstery and Styles

Perhaps one of our most popular is the Coca-Cola Series. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise though. Some consider the 1950's as the golden age of Coca Cola. It was at this time that TV was emerging.

This allowed Coke to depict itself as leisure, relaxation, and comfort on TV and help spread those ideas not only in America but all over the world. It was also during this time that Pepsi was starting to emerge and helped push Coke to try new ideas such as different bottle sizes. Fast forward to today and Coca Cola is as popular as ever, and so are its products.

Coca Cola and Santa

If you’ve read the past couple of articles submitted by Heffron’s, than you understand that we sell a variety of products. Our Laminates, Metal Banding, Vinyl and 1950’s retro furniture are huge hits with the vintage camper community and beyond. But sometimes it’s our décor items that catch people’s eyes. For example our Coca Cola tin signs have always been a big seller and that includes the Coca Cola Santa sign.

In fact it turns out that Coca Cola and Santa Claus go hand in hand.In the early days Santa was envisioned as an older gentleman riding a white horse. Instead of the classic red and white colors he could sometimes be seen in a variety of colors or even fur. Santa wasn't even fat and jolly. Sometimes he was tall and skinny. As you can see there was no set Santa Claus like we might know today.

But Coca-Cola changed all that when they decided to remind its customers that Coke wasn't just a summer drink. Coca-Cola would begin using an image of Santa designed by Haddon Sundbloom to appear in a huge magazine ad campaign. Santa would be depicted making a list, checking it twice, and drinking lots of Cola. It was this depiction of Santa Claus by Coca-Cola that helped shape the way we see Santa today and images of "Coca-Cola Santa" as seen on our tin signs is a great reminder of history that Coca-Cola has had on the holidays.

Fun Fact: On May 15th, 1950, Time Magazine featured the famous red disc of Coca-Cola serving a globe of the world on its cover. This was a true milestone for the company.

A Puppy and a Polar Bear

Another big hit for customers who want that “something extra” to go with their retro stools or chairs is our neon collection. We offer a variety of neon signs, neon clocks and more. Heffron’s also has its very own section dedicated to Coca-Cola which includes the Cola Polar Bear. But did you know that it was actually a puppy that would inspire the classic “Northern Lights” commercial that helped turn the polar bear into one of the most popular symbols of Coca-Cola?

When asked to develop the innovative commercial, creator Ken Stewart combined the idea of drinking Coke at the movies with the love of his puppy Labrador who just so happened to resemble a polar bear. Together these ideas formed the "Northern Lights" commercial which featured polar bears watching the aurora borealis (the "movie") and drinking from bottles of Coca-Cola.

The technology required to create this commercials was pretty advanced for its time and it took a lot of hard work and 12 long weeks to produce the final result. "That's really what we were trying to do - create a character that's innocent, fun, and reflects the best attributes we like to call 'human',” said Ken when asked about the commercial. A mission well accomplished and it’s this reason why our Coca-Cola Polar Bear is one of our hottest neon sign items.

Wrapping Up

Coca-Cola has come a long way since the 1950’s and as you can see it has also had a huge impact on the holidays that we all enjoyed these past couple of months. At Heffron’s we encourage you to show off your passion and build your own Coca-Cola or 1950’s collection. Let A Moment in Time Retro Design assist you with all of your furniture and décor needs. When it comes to your vintage camper or home, your decorating options are endless and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.